“Chandeliers are magical objects, that provide untold pleasure to anyone who knows how to look at them. Long forgotten, these veritable sculptures of light hold historical, architectural, social and aesthetic interest who’s time it is to rediscover. Through all the activities of Mathieu Lustrerie, I wish above all to share my passion for these exceptional pieces and rekindle the desire for the chandeliers. “
Régis Mathieu

Information about the visits

Dear visitors, in order to reduce the spread of the Covid-19 virus, for the safety of companions and Ateliers Mathieu staff, visits are temporarily suspended

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The chandelier is a jewel that never goes out of style



The art of light in all its facets

In the heart of the Luberon, on the road of the Ocres, the Ateliers Mathieu Lustrerie restores, reissues and creates exceptional chandeliers for the most prestigious places in the world. Régis Mathieu and twenty colleagues have developed unique techniques allowing each piece that passes through their hands to become a true work of art. Their work equals or exceeds the demands of the masters of the eighteenth century.