In the tradition of chandeliers, from the late seventeenth century, strung beads are a favorite theme in the art of luxurious lighting.

We know from the history of the decorative arts this embroidery was nurtured, re ecting candlelight and then for gas and electricity. We remain faithful to this marvelous technique that is rightly haute couture and simultaneously strive to maintain the most innovative developments in current light sources. Tradition obliges us …


The great falls between Canada and the US, a natural wonder has inspired this curtain of beads, magical as the steady rain. With Niagara, traditional chandelier techniques are not left behind for new developments or insights. Here, sewn crystal beads inspire the creator, simplifying creates an effective poetic object. It takes a recurring theme from classical lighting: water features and fountains that have so inspired decorative arts, especially in the 1920s.

The simplicity of the crystal beads drop theme updates, dresses and diffuses the light’s  uorescent tube. No frills; a gesture of design, these chandeliers assert modernity, while remaining traditional objects.

Haute Couture Pearls

In the 1990s, cut crystal chandelier experience a revival becoming indispensable decoration even in architecture; Mathieu Lustrerie’s workshop already an artisan of the new look of lights out of time, wants to bring in a new era.

A beautifully historical memory and a bit nostalgic. Aware that looking to the past, even revisiting, has its limits, the studio engages in a new way of addressing this new fashion; beaded crystal in simple contemporary forms  lled with an obvious poetry: ball, crescent moon and bell in graduated crystal in a scale giving them a visual force that will frequently be a hallmark of the Mathieu Workshop. An approach that echoes a principle advocated by its creator: what is already invented belongs to the past, only innovation is worthy of interest.