The rediscovery of rock crystal as a conductor of a magical rare light source pushed Regis Mathieu to define his creations within a repertoire of ever-changing material making each piece an original work.

The natural and precious nature of this rock becomes the first argument of this seductive lighting. Their size, is the first seducing argument, broken lines streak to the ceiling, squares and rectangles light a subtly receptive universe, crystal brings mystery and uniqueness to these creations. From a single production principle, is made a line that is eternal, paradoxically, always renewed and always the same.


An outstanding chandelier: “A Cube”, is a full- edged work of art, produced by Mathieu Lustrerie in an edition of eight. Suspended in space this gigantic cube of 1.20 meter along each side; is an example of technical prowess. Five sides are inlaid with smocked rock crystal, the sixth inlaid with amethyst.

This consummate sculpture communicates the force of the geometric form and its  awless logic. The artist’s mission is to make the viewer doubt from their initial glance of the cube; the troubling acrobatic and somewhat uncomfortable positioning.

An esthetic challenge akin to an esoteric symbol, this genuine sculpture opens a new chronicling of production for the company: a space where the tradition of handcraft, know-how and esthetic culture join to be part of the history of art.

A CUBE – 47.24’’ 3
limited edition of 8 pieces
Rock crystal and amethyst


The movement of the stars, the magic map of the planets and their satellites again inspire Régis Mathieu. His design an armillary sphere: around a planet which acts as a mirror, an astrolabe that articulates giving new light to these sidereal visions. They develop a re ection in ribbons of hand cut rock crystal. This an obvious response to our previous collections, Saturn and orbit, which so captivated.

With ASTROLABE, the heaven is offered in three dimensions: the wheels turn, the light of the rock crystal bands recount stories of the stars and planets seducing their light. This spectacular chandelier is also available in large  oor lamp: a scienti c object whos place in a cabinets of curiosities, is a fascination for both our era and decorators.

Diam 43.30’’
Bronze black gold nish and black rock crystal


In the grand tradition of semi-precious stones, Mathieu shows a particularly innovative example with a very seductive aesthetic. This collection’s theme, interstellar, recounts the history of the planets; a shuttle covered in rock crystal allegedly stole light from the stars to light our sleepless nights. One can also imagine the mechanical gears and industrial design that inspired the art of the twentieth and twenty- rst centuries chandelier becoming the signature of Mathieu Lustrerie.

It was inevitable one should be acquired by the Mobilier National Français for its early twenty- rst century decorative art collection.


Diam 39.37’’ – Ht 21.65’’
Bronze silver nish and smoky rock crystal


This collection “Odyssée” allows us the freedom to become the favorite of the French haute couture. Customized sizes realized by our development department become available for luxury boutiques such as Cartier, Vacheron-Constantin, Hermes in Paris, Louis Vuitton in Cannes, the Chanel stand at the biennale of antiquaries, and many others projects.

Diam 39.37’’ – Ht 7.87’’
Bronze gilt  finish and clear rock crystal

Diam 39.37’’ – Ht 19.68’’
Bronze black gold finish and black rock crystal



Follows in the Space Odyssey … Saturn changes to Orbit! A crown of smoked rock crystal rises vertically suspended around a transparent disc. Its silvered bronze frame disappears and the magic starts: Orbit appears like a  oating jewel.

With this unexpected and innovative shape, a chandelier takes the place of a work of art; an unexpected sculpture. Orbit clearly inaugurates the mind to a jewelry collection of chandeliers.

Diam 39.37’’ – Ht 44.09’’ – W 7.87’’
Bronze silver nish and smoky rock crystal

Diam 24.80’’ – Ht 27.56’’ – W 7.87’’
Bronze silver nish and smoky rock crystal



Playing off a solid and a void, this rock crystal chandelier frames the space leaving a transparent look. Suspended in a stairwell; imagined against a wall like an unexpected picture; or horizontally above a table…

Whatever its universe, it stresses sensitivity to architecture, and can be imagined in many more unexpected versions: Atmosquare subtly joined together from many quartz medallions, to be hung horizontally or vertically.

Diam 62.99’’ – Ht 31.50’’- Side 7.87’’
Bronze silver finish and smoky rock crystal

Ht 62.99’’ – Side 19.69’’
Bronze silver finish and smoky rock crystal


Monolith: strange, perhaps even unreal; in the collection Odyssey, an elegant inlaid smoked rock crystal  oating horizontal. It meets the requirements of contemporary architecture, playing with ceiling heights, gliding with the delicacy of a geometric sculpture  oating over a table or in the center of a living room.

Its light is magical: hidden behind the quartz screens are over 30 light sources radiating throughout the space it occupies.

Bronze finition argent et cristal de roche

20020 / MONOLITH
Ht 2.75’’ – L 43.31’’ – W 25.59’’
Bronze silver  finish and rock crystal

Ht 2.75’’ – Side 19.68’’
Bronze silver  finish and rock crystal


Applique Monolithe
Hauteur 28 cm – Profondeur 20 cm – Diamètre : 15 cm
Bronze finition argent et cristal de roche


Civilizations have always connected the stars by imaginary lines to create bestiaries and mythologies … Here, the rock crystal echoes these constellations forming lines suspended in space, that lead the eye to the path of architecture. Adjust the length over a long dining room table; zigzag down a hallway, or stairwell. Constellation is a line in space playing off the extreme simplicity of design and the richness of material. This is the most luxurious version of the single line of light. It is an easy response to simplify complicated architecture.

Ht 2.75’’ – l 102.36’’ – W 5.90’’
Bronze silver  finish and smoky rock crystal


A supernova is an exploding star, brie y and fantastically increasing its brightness. Viewed from Earth, a supernova often appears as a new star, when in reality it is vanishing. This silvered bronze object, warmly nuanced with natural rock crystal peaks, re ects this illusion. Two joined cones sway together while suspended counterbalanced. Chandelier or lamp, its two ends of rock crystal through which light cast shadows from its scholarly geometry. The natural and medical properties of rock crystal have been known in the east since the dark ages and sought after by the west. Straight from the collection «Meteorites» this chandelier sculpture designed by Régis Mathieu is a timeless decorative art object.

W 43.30’’ – Adjustable height and tilt
Bronze white gold  finish and rock crystal


The grand nale of a reworks display, this chandelier by Régis Mathieu is an elegant burst of light from an unexpected source; individual spikes of rock crystals at the end of bronze rods, like the magical powers of a fairy wand.

A satellite of an imaginary planet, these lights provide the clarity of a spark and shine making it a disturbing object.

Diam 51.18’’
Bronze silver  finish and rock crystal


Like a meteorites shower, brilliant sculptures of crimped copper are unique pieces for interiors. From raw rock crystals, created of ancient stones, we discover chandeliers dictated to Mother Nature.

Tilted on the whim of a guest, a chandelier sculpture  oating perhaps in a dinner setting. Moving at will, hiding glimpse of the crystalline tipped mineral formations or to the contrary; voluntarily invited above the heads of the diners to cause trouble at a dinner.

Totem; this vertical mineral wall offers an array of unexpected light; softness, for an intimate and warm atmosphere.

Diam 35.43’’ – Adjustable height and tilt.
Bronze copper  finish and rock crystal

Ht 78.74’’- W 25.59’’ – D 22.04’’
Bronze copper  finish and rock crystal