On 2 Rue Miromesnil at the corner of Place Beauvau, in the district of luxury and famous antique dealers, the Galerie Lumières opens October 24, 2013.

This modern space of 180 m2 is dedicated exclusively to antique and 20th century objects of light; created by Régis Mathieu, President of Mathieu Lustrerie, it is under the direction of Philippe Renaud, the Company’s artistic director for 20 years.

The Galerie Lumières emerged from the curiosity of the two accomplices, who have collected antique chandeliers for over 20 years; a testimony to their expertise. Also affirming their will the to have the high aesthetic value of these decorative objects, seen as sculpture. The objects of light, are always presented along side works of art and furniture as well as decorative objects, echoing the theme of their time.

Galerie Lumières
2, rue de Miromesnil
75008 Paris

Monday: 11:00am- 01:00pm and 02:00pm- 07:00pm 
Tuesay – Friday : 10:00am- 01:00pm and 02:00pm- 07:00pm