Founded in 1948 by Henri Mathieu in the Chutes-Lavie district of Marseille, the Mathieu Lustrerie Atelier has always associated its name with the art of the light.

A family business in Provence

Chandeliers seemingly destined to disappear, being dethroned by halogens, Henri Mathieu created a collection of lighting in 1970s of brushed aluminum blades, treating lights as sculpture. After Henri’s untimely death in 1982 the workshop was run by his wife Yvette. Then in early 1990 their son, Regis Mathieu just 19 years of age, assumed the helm. Fascinated by «beautiful things» since childhood, he immediately understands that his future is linked to history. He expands sales to the United States and the Middle East, bringing the French style to a prestigious clientele. Always in search of excellence, he turns to the directors of historic monuments; here he develops a unique expertise, working in close collaboration with architects.

After the first project for the Assemblée Nationale, Mathieu Lustrerie restores chandeliers for the Comédie Française, the Opéra Garnier, the Galerie des Glaces at Château de Versailles, plus the Opéra de Monte-Carlo, and the Academy of Music in Philadelphia as well as numerous other public and private homes.

In 2002, the company moved into a former ocher factory in Gargas, near Apt, not far from the family home. Hundreds of lights are restored and created annually by artisans who are continually improving their techniques, achieving an impeccable level of skill.

Now nearly twenty-five years, the Mathieu Lustrerie Atelier has made itself known worldwide for the incomparable quality of restoration and reproduction of antique chandeliers. By integrating suppliers of raw materials (bronze and crystal) with showrooms in the United States, Asia and Russia, the company has chosen a vertical growth to meet requirements needed throughout the production chain.

Artisans & Light

With the original light of renewal and renewed interest in the art of light in France and abroad, the Mathieu Lustrerie Atelier continues to pursue the quest for excellence. Promoting a heritage almost forgotten while spreading the French know-how abroad. The twenty artisans working in the Mathieu Lustrerie Atelier all share the same passion of the ages and the desire for each new project to surpass the last.

«They work wonders», admits Regis Mathieu. Trained at the best art schools, most arrived here very young; most with Mathieu about ten years, they combine the energy of youth with true experience. Using the techniques and materials of jewelers, they are masters of traditional know-how and demonstrate the extreme level of skill required. «We work for an object, that will outlive us, we survive in that piece, says one of them. This makes us extremely proud of our work».