Our contribution in the research of new bulbs did not lead us to the realm of modern and sophisticated engineering inventions that alter the light source, a mystery without which things would not be what they are.

We merely perpetuate this, by improving it, a willingness which ment for centuries, lighting chandeliers was confined to candles and to mimic candles. Our bulbs burn the color of a flame with longevity… If logic follows, the medium allows the freedom to play with more decidedly contemporary forms.


Born of a collaboration between Philippe Renaud, the workshop’s artistic director and Régis Mathieu this artwork plays on the in nite re ections provided by tricks of the mirror. Provocative; its imposing strands evoke disturbing depths of in nite lights: table and chandelier overlap perfectly into deep rows of lighted candles, re ecting unrestrained on this plane of mirror. They traverse the table with re ections that do not exist on the other side. Alone then, she becomes the Abyss: Vertically in a stairwell or simply a chandelier. Dually, it becomes the «Abyss» sculptural, re ned and minimal; it disturbs the viewer. It is a gift to receive as a daydream …

limited edition of 8 pieces
L 116.14’’ – W 35.43’’ – Ht table 29.92’’
Polished stainless steel and Mathieu Lustrerie candles

L 116.14’’ – W 35.43’’ – Ht 29.52’’
Polished stainless steel and Mathieu Lustrerie candles


Lost on a stainless puck which re ects an armful of candles not knowing where to turn, they cross a mysterious meteorite where they fell; broken from an interstellar universe worthy of science  fiction.

This nickel-plated bronze disc  oats in space, taking all possible inclinations, creating the effect of light passing though it. The  ame bulbs created by the Mathieu Workshop are wonderful at re ecting on this plane of unhampered mirror. These technology of these candles does not look backward they are of the present. When factoring economy, these «LED» bulbs perfectly recreate the magic of a lit candle with the technical advancements of today … or tomorrow.

Diam 35.43’’ – Adjustable height and tilt
Polished stainless steel and Mathieu Lustrerie candles


With many candles suspended to declare its love, echoing a perfect decloration : LOVE comes in soft, warm light, like an invitation to a dream. Its re ection in metal carefully patined to a mirror  nish gives an in nite dimension that one dare not utter…
This sculpture of 120 lights, with the colors of  fire, is an nod to Robert Indiana’s Art, and indicative of a universally shared love …


Ht 15.74’’ – l 62.99’’ – W 23.62’’
Polished stainless steel and Mathieu Lustrerie candles


The candles in this compsition were originally developed as part of the restoration of chandeliers in the Hall of Mirrors at Versailles.A Mathieu Lustrerie patent: these incandescent bulbs are also available in LED meeting lighting requirements and providing the color of a lighted  flame.