The Mathieu Lustrerie workshop an new LED bulb that perfectly reproduces the halo and color of a real flame.

Un lustre éclairé avec des ampoules classiques
Evolution 5, la nouvelle ampoule LED qui restitue la chaleur d'une vraie flamme
Un lustre mis en lumière par Mathieu Lustrerie
La Galerie des Glaces de Versailles

“Antique chandeliers were created to be lit by candlelight,” explains Régis Mathieu. Prisms, pendants and patina, refract the light of the flame to create a specific atmosphere that cannot be recreated by the light bulbs currently available on the market. To solve this problem, the Mathieu Lustrerie workshop worked for four years to develop an LED bulb that imitates the color and the luminous halo of a flame, with the power of ?three real candles: Evolution 5.

Originally launched in January 2011 under the name of Evolution One, Evolution 5 has a lifespan of almost (30,000 lumen hours), does not burn and consumes less than one watt of energy. With its Bakelite candle that looks like a wax candle, it adapts to all types chandeliers sockets thanks to our adapters. “Originally, wax was extremely expensive and candlelight was considered a sign of wealth, which was reserved only for great occasions,” continues Régis Mathieu. With this new system, the magic of lighting with the candle becomes accessible to all on a daily basis! ”

Like the Royal Opera of Versailles, which ordered the installation of 800 bulbs from the Mathieu Lustrerie workshop, many historic buildings now wish to equip their chandeliers with these new low-energy candles.

Individuals who want to re-wire their chandeliers can contact our workshop to be connected with an Arterolux partner, or simply order the Evolution 5. 

Hôtel de Beauharnais
Petit Trianon - Château de Versailles
Hôtel de Beauharnais

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