Régis Mathieu, designer

“Contemporary and timeless, two words that perfectly describe my concept of our creations.

Our collection, which covers over six centuries of history, has always strived for modernity and luxury. Drawing my inspiration from the past while looking to the future I seek to illuminate the present. The choice to invent and advance the history of lighting is a constant of Mathieu and lights.

It is with this vision I now see the chandeliers that will mark the decorative arts of the early twenty- rst century. The gesture is the same, the most noble materials defy the passage of time and adapt beautifully to new lighting techniques.
Our creations re ect contemporary architecture and delight collectors. They are the bridge between decorations and sculptures of light, cleverly combining the principles of goldsmithing and jewelry to those of the chandeliers.
Proof that lighting objects that come out of our workshop are all truely individual: every piece leaving our workshop is unique and numbered.

Régis Mathieu

Rock Crystal
Mathieu candles
Crystal Beads
Spiral Kinetics