Artisan, entrepreneur, expert, collector, designer, philanthropist? At forty-four years of age Régis Mathieu is one of those unclassifiable people who never cease to amaze by always being where you do not expect him to be.


As the head of the family business since 1992 Mathieu Lustrerie has become known worldwide for its chandeliers restorations, including the opéra garnier, the galerie des glaces de Versailles, the academy of Music, Phila- delphia and numerous public and private homes. a specialist in the restoration and the reproduction of antique lighting, this enthusiast has managed in two decades to revive interest in this sublime art that had fallen into obsolencence.
Becoming a preferred partner of historical monuments and curators of historic projects around the world, you think you would see this goldsmith of light focu- sing on the past leaning over his work chiselling in his workshop in the luberon. he is sort after for indian palaces, for expertise at luxury new york boutiques, designing contemporary models for his Parisian gallery dedicated to exceptio- nal lighting, or in an amphitheater for a course on architecture or alongside a visual artist in residence that he welcomes to his museum in Gargas …
No offense to those who would like fit him into a box, Régis Mathieu accept his passion for art and history in all facets, with a rare talent. and as if to cover his tracks, he is also a recognized expert of vintage cars; one of the specialists of Porsche and the Volkswagen Beetle. inex- haustible on lighting and automobiles, Régis Mathieu transmit his love like no one else for these rare objects whose beauty, function and aesthetics mingel with their storied history …

The artisan who restores grand historic chandeliers

When Regis Mathieu inherited the family business Mathieu lustrerie in the early 1990’s, he formed close relationships with the owners and managers of historic monu- ments. developing a close collaboration with architects on heritage site, a unique know-how was established.

Recognized worldwide as the undisputed specialist for restoration and reproduction of historic chandeliers, he works on some of the largest restoration sites in europe, the united states and india, where he has became a consultant to the Maharajas. a list of some of the greatest international instutions, the Assemblée Nationale, the comédie française, the opéra garnier, the list of accom- plishments does not cease to surprise: the galerie des glaces de Versailles, the opéra de Monte Carlo, the château de chantilly, Philadelphia’s academy of Music, the Musée du louvre, the sénat, the Palais de l’Elysée, the Ministère de la culture, the Mobilier national, the Palais Royal, the Plaza athénée, the Crillon…

Always in search of excellence, he also developed techniques to facilitate the packaging, storage and transport of chandeliers and in 2011 invented a revolutionary led bulb, evolution one, which reproduces to perfection the halo and color of a real candle.

Now the head of a team of twenty people, Regis Mathieu oversees reproduction and restoration of hundreds of fixtures each year while developing proprietary techniques that ensure a level of unparalleled quality.

The specialist who rediscover the art of the light

Is creations are a challenge; their spectacular dimensions and the quality of materials require expertise to achieve them. collectors and art lovers are eager to own chandeliers designed by Régis Mathieu, who has also achieved immense success with embassies, the Mobilier national and luxury shops (cartier, chanel, Vuitton …).

In 2002, Regis Mathieu moves the business to the heart of the luberon national forest, to an old ocher mill in gargas, he immediately opened the doors of its studios to the public allowing everyone to discover this exceptional heritage. he also introduces his visitors to the library, where he has col- lected thousands of rare documents on the history of the light.

In 2010, the Mathieu Museum is inaugurated in gargas, a space of 1000m2 tracing five centuries of decorative art through more than 200 lights. each year, an artist in resi- dence is invited to work using the theme of light; benefiting from the technical exper- tise of the artisens.
Finally, in 2013, Régis Mathieu in colabo- ration with his artistic director Philippe Renaud, opens an art gallery in Paris, on the corner of the Place Beauvau and Rue de Miromesnil. the galerie lumières offers carefully edited antique and contempo- rary lighting putting these objects into a historic perspective of decorative arts.
With more than twenty years of design, research and meetings around the world, Régis Mathieu has developed a unique ex- pertise in the history of lights, he makes this knowledge available to architects, students, curators, collectors , and the media to revive the passion for chandeliers around the world.

To hear Régis Mathieu talk about the history chandeliers throughout the centuries makes one suddenly aware of the historical, architectural, social and aesthetics of these light sculptures. unjustly neglected by art historians and contemporary designers, the chandeliers could have be forgotten at the end of the last century if Régis Mathieu did not put all his energy into the rediscovery.
To revive the trend of exceptional chandeliers, in 2005 he created his first collection in rock crystal, which revisits the canons of classical chandeliers, mixing traditional know-how with modern design. the first designer to present chandeliers at interna- tional design fairs, he does not hesitate to stage his lights under a bed canopy, tree or umbrella, attracting the attention of journalists and interior designers.