In 1962, while the popularity of US and Italian design sets the tone for decoration, Regis’s father, Henri MATHIEU, put his youthful enthusiasm and the industrial expertise of his company in the service of this general movement.

He designed this collection. This was the era of kinetic and optical games imagined in light. This is the premire of our families creations, we continue to move forward

Henri Mathieu, founder of the company in the 60s, will soon feel sti ed by the traditional production of lights. He feels the need to apply the expertise of its teams in an aesthetic more in taste of his time. There is a big design boom being created in Italian, Scandinavian, and American. A common inspiration blows through the world of objects: forms taken from the industrial world and a fascination with new materials – plastic and aluminum – asks to be apply to the decorative arts.

Henri Mathieu invents a line of lights whose poetic source is a galvanized steel chimney cap. Its functional form inspires a new modern grammar and style.
The lightness and  exibility of the aluminum make it possible to form inspired designs transforming such a recognizable shape to something enviable.